J. Rodrigo Molina, Attorney 

    Board Certified in Criminal Law

                     1977- Present

Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

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 Hire Attorney J. Rodrigo Molina to simplify the process after an arrest.
     There are so many factors to deal with after being arrested. During this difficult time your family or friends can cut down on expenses by hiring my services.  I ​will prepare your legal defense as well as arrange for Bail Bond services in order to secure your release until there Court dates and trial.
     I have been practicing law since 1972. I am Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization since 1977 and have been in the practice of law for four decades. I have defended several Death Penalty-Capital Murder cases.  Additionally, I have served as a Municipal Court Judge and Assistant Criminal District Attorney for Tarrant County for 5 years.
     All your legal needs in one place:
•Criminal Law - All Felonies (including Capital Murders), Misdemeanors, DWI, Assault, Drug cases, expunctions, and, non-disclosures 
•Payment Plans on Attorney’s Fees, All Credit and Debit Cards accepted
Biography -1969 -University of Texas – Austin, B.A.  1971 - University of Texas Law School - Juris Doctor (J.D.).

No English? 
​     Yo hablo español.  Si usted o su pariente o el preso hablan ​sólomente español, no se preocupe. Soy capaz de explicar el proceso en su lengua materna para que se entenden ​los cargos.


     I speak the Spanish language.  If you or your loved one is Spanish speaking only, fear not, I am a native Spanish speaker​.  I will be able to explain the process in your mother language so that you are able to understand the charges.